VLOG#10 My BEST kept secret dining deal in Shanghai on the Bund

Jun 06, 2017

Welcome to VLOG#10 ! Took a while to get this one out because I have been travelling the past month in between the country side back at Lisa’s home town, and in the midst of that, found some inspiration to redesign the entire blog.

In this episode, I will be sharing with you one of my best kept secrets in Shanghai, how to get the best bang for buck on the Bund, at Mr & Mrs Bund. Read more after the video break!

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Mr & Mrs Bund have a somewhat low-key supper deal every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11pm thru 2am. The deal starts at 250 RMB for 2 courses or 3 courses for 300 RMB. One thing I forgot to mention is that with both options, you actually get to choose a side dish, which technically ends up being 1 extra course!

You can choose from a very extensive menu between starters, mains and desserts. It’s not a skimped down set menu like you would see in typical set lunch / dinner promotions. You can actually choose many and most of the dishes from the a la carte menu!

There are also wine promotions which kinda vary from time to time.

On the last thursday of every month, there is a BINGO night event, carried out together with the supper promotion. So diners of the supper deal or alcohol deals get a bingo card or two, and play Bingo throughout the night! Prizes change from time to time, but include hotel/spa vouchers, home appliances, GoPros, and the grand prize is a brand new legal electric scooter.

The prizes that were offered on this VLOG were especially good because it was their 5th anniversary celebration. I can’t believe that couple at the table won like 3-4 times and got the big prizes!

What to Order?

Ok, I’ve found a secret combination that gives the best bang for 250 RMB.

Sure, call me a cheapo, but I first went to Mr & Mrs Bund at the supper deal, because that was all I could afford at that time.

Foie Gras Light Crumble

Light duck foie gras mousse, raisin hazlenut crumble

The Foie Gras crumble is amazingly rich and decadent, yet balanced and lovely to eat with or without the huge char toasted slice of bread. The lovely soft foie gras terrine is perfectly contrasted with the sweetness and crunch of the nutty crumble a top. I order this every, single, time.

Duck Confit, Truffle Herb Salad

Crispy duck leg confit, truffle duck jus

What makes a good duck confit? I believe a well sized duck leg, good quality meat so it’s naturally fragrant, thin crispy skin and flaky soft and moist meat. The one at Mr & Mrs Bund checks all the boxes every, single, time.

You might be irked seeing me say that the second time, it’s because I’ve literally ordered the same dishes for like 5 different occasions at the supper deal over the past couple of years.

So where does the value for money come in?

Truffle arugula salad

The duck confit comes with a truffled arugula salad, which is also available as an option in the starters menu, except this comes free with the duck confit.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potato and butter. Lots of butter.

I always end up getting the mashed potatoes for my side, even though I want to try something new. It’s super soft and creamy, likely a whole stick of butter in my portion and some cream.

So with that above combination, I end up having 4 plates of food in front of me, excluding the house bread (which is excellent by the way, with the complimentary amuse bouche dip).

4 plates of food for 250 RMB! 5 if you get dessert for 300 RMB!
That’s the best deal you can get on the Bund!!

Here are some photos from 2015 in the old decor before the current renovated look. All from late night supper deals.