About The Shanghai Kid

My name is Fred Lin. I hail from the sunny foodie island of Singapore, and have lived in Shanghai since 2007.

I’ve been a creative soul from a very young age, from whence my mum decided I should start creating music at the age of 6. Since then, I’ve created musicals, released piano albums by Warner Music Singapore, produced pop records with other singers, designed and developed over a hundred websites and user-interfaces (including DiningCity and China Restaurant Week) and cooked countless plates of food for many people.

In 2013, I created this blog, to share and record restaurant findings, be they good or bad.

The idea was simple, be very honest about the food in a restaurant, written in a very personal manner. The other motive for writing this blog was to improve/nurture my writing skills, which had been deteriorating with the internet age. The other motivation was simply to express my passion for food; I have spent countless evenings falling asleep while reading cooking magazines like Bon Apetit, Saveur, Olive, etc. If you would ask me where I took my inspiration from, those guys would be it.

Fastforward to 2015, the personal food blog has somewhat evolved into an independant media channel for foodies and restaurants. In addition to my full-time duties as Head of Creative at tech firm, Avazu Inc, as well as founder/creative-director FLINT Creative, I also opened my own restaurant, serving the food which I had cooked for years. Thankfully, so far, it has has been very well received.

Visit my vanity page @ www.fred.sg to read more about me, and even listen to some of my musical works.

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