Brand New Bang by Mr Willis at The Grand Gateway Mall

Apr 19, 2017

So I was invited by Mr Willis himself, previously executive chef of Wagas a couple weeks ago to try out his new restaurant, Bang by Mr Willis, at the Grand Gateway mall.
In actual fact, both this restaurant and the space it occupies is not new, formerly being BISTROW right beside Wagas, Bang had already been opened for a number of years at iAPM.
The new menu is quite varied with dishes to suit a wide range of diners, at reasonable prices. Enough talk, let’s gawk.

Oysters, not bad.
Truffled Beef Carpaccio is good
Cured Salmon and Salmon Roe, good.
Squid is so so
Fried Calamari and shrimp, soft and limp. Skip this dish.
Shrimp and corn pizza, so so.
Sea bass and mussels, not bad
Seafood Risotto, tasted like the risotto cooked a risotto, like porridge. Skip.
Thick cut Australian Sirloin, very good.
Perfectly cooked, feeds 2-3.
Pesto Pasta, noodles a little soft
Grilled Brocolinni with Parmesan, not bad.
Tiramisu, not bad
Mille Feuille, so so.
Caramel and strawberry ice cream, not bad.

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