Eating Now at GLAM

May 14, 2017

GLAM, from the same people who brought you M on the Bund recently launched a new menu and I was honoured to be invited for a little tasting.

Some of these photos were taken with my iPhone, because I forgot to insert an extra battery into my camera’s battery grip. Lo and behold, the one single battery that was in the camera was nearly empty by the time we started our meal. (Thanks to me taking time lapses and trying to VLOG this event)

GLAM is in fact, the more casual, laid back lounge offering from the M Restaurant Group. I have previously visited for drinks, but this was my first time tasting the food offerings from the M Restaurant Group.

Not only was there a new dining menu at GLAM, there were new cocktail offerings too, courtesy of very talented Taiwanese bar manager, Blacky Su.

My favourite cocktail of the evening was a Wakey Wakey! Made with a special energy drink called Heike-Mate, which I learnt was not only sugar-free, but also brewed locally in Shanghai. It almost tasted like kombucha, yet I was told it was the equivalent of drinking a few red bulls.

The Wakey Wakey! is a concoction of said Heike-Mate, Kimi and Patron Tequila, and in fact, served in a Patron tequila bottle.

The taste was very refreshing and fruity with a sort of tea-like finish.

Anyway, here are some of the food that we tasted and my thoughts on them.

Thai Tah Tah (RMB88)

A Thai take on the classic beef tartar. This one had raw beef, pomelo, chilli, lemon grass and pickled green mango.

The flavours came together very nicely in a savoury, sweet, sour and spicy medley.

Salt & Pepper Squid with Lime Aioli (RMB62)

While these were seasoned perfectly, I wished they had a crispier batter. Actually it wasn’t really that the batter wasn’t crispy, but rather than the batter wasn’t sticking to the calamari, so most of the squid were batter-less or had only a film thin coating.

Deep-fried squid, should always be crispy.

Salt Crusted Bean Curd with Chili & Black Beans (RMB38)

These were ok. Silken tofu that have been deep-fried with a sort of bread crumbed crust, with a chinese style black bean sauce on top. The idea is some-what creative, yet I don’t find the execution very memorable.

Perhaps a lighter crust like Japanese agedashi style tofu might be more palatable.

Tonkatsu Bao (RMB22 each or RMB58 for 3)

These were highly recommended at the start of the meal. I thought they were very average. It’s essentially japanese deep-fried pork cutlet sandwiched together with two pieces of bread. I didn’t taste the crunchiness of the tonkatsu crust, nor the juiciness of the meat.

I mean, if you like deep-fried pork and sandwiches, you’ll probably like this.

Big Pot of Steamed Clams (RMB142)

A really big pot of clams steamed with lemon grass, lime and coconut milk. Obviously, Thai inspired.

Clams were a little small and had grit, but other than that, it was decent.

Roast Chicken

Large portion of chicken, potatoes and peas. Nice flavour in the chicken, skin not crispy though.

Good value for money though.

Lamb Tajine (RMB198)

Comes with the lamb and couscous in a Tajine pot, along with a side of harissa, pickles and flat bread. Definitely good between 3-4 people.

Good moroccan flavours with only a slight lamb game taste. Overall quite pleasant.

Steamed & Fried Whole Head of Cauliflower (RMB78)

Ah well, because no one else is doing charred cauliflower on their menu right? This tasted a little overcooked, as I learnt it was first steamed before being fried. It was missing a slight bite in the cauliflower.

That said, the exterior was very evenly charred and crisped slightly.

M’s Very Famous Pavlova (RMB98)

Have heard of this dish even before I’ve heard of the restaurant. In reality, it looked as grand as it was said to be. Flavours are very strong and punchy, either very sweet from the meringue or sour from the passionfruit sauce.

But when that perfect harmonious bite comes together, you get a moment of bliss.

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse (RMB78)

Nice balanced chocolate flavour that was neither too sweet nor heavy on the palate.

Quite good, to be honest.

Soft Serve

Simply because they have a soft serve machine in house. Hey, if you can have soft serve ice cream high up on the bund, why not? Don’t expect any michelin stars for the soft serve ice cream.

But instead be transported back to the school days of buying a Mister Softee at Seven Eleven.

So that’s that. Food could be a little better, in my opinion, although the environment was rad when the live band started playing. Drinks are excellent, and I see GLAM as a nice place to hang out with friends and have a bite or two. Kindly leave your Michelin-brand glasses at home, and just go have a good time.

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