VLOG#1 I Made a VLOG!

Dec 06, 2016

The latest highlight and challenge of my video-making journey was realised a couple of weeks ago, when I decided one day to make a VLOG! It was not planned at all, but I was super lucky to have had quite an eventful day so it wasn’t (too) boring.

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So the premise of the vlog was the Feast food festival that was happening a few blocks away from where I live — A food festival where many¬†chefs from famous restaurants in Shanghai congregate at put up stalls. We’re talking about Michelin-starred restaurants putting up a stall here and letting people sample their food for a fraction of the usual cost.

Some highlights other than eating all that great food, was having a chat with Chef Sean Jorgensen, who had just taken over the reigns at one of the newest and most prolific restaurant in Shanghai at the moment, Highline, co-owned by John Liu.

Also, I had a segment with multiple Michelin-starred Chef Stefan Stiller and Jimmy Lee, owner of the coolest coffee shop in Shanghai.

Anyway, have a watch, let me know what you think. It was my first time doing such a program, and I was super nervous doing it, worrying about saying the wrong thing, and worrying about my terrible speech/accent.

Many thanks to my pals Rachel Gouk from CityWeekend and Yannick from Shanghaiist for assisting me in various tasks on the day!

Directed, shot and edited by yours truly.

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