In memory of Lewin Terrace

Sep 02, 2019

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant on the slopes of Fort Canning Hill called Lewin Terrace. Unfortunately, I only had the fortune of dining there once on their final year of operations in 2019; they closed on 30th August 2019.

Lewin Terrace served Japanese inspired French cuisine, and it was very, very fine cooking at very competitive prices for the masses. Just look at the lunch set menu.

$8 for unlimited Badoit?!

Sadly, this is probably one of many ‘soulful’ restaurants that are dying out to the superficial trending eateries these days. I really wish people would stop innovating so much, and instead, focus on cooking a really exceptional dish or two.

Lewin Terrace really had some exceptional dishes. Every dish we had featured very clean tasting flavours; The ingredients shone on their own through the exceptional cooking.

Seared scallop, goat cheese, couscous.

Take the scallop main dish, although featuring only two scallops, both scallops were perfectly seared with a thin and uniform crust. Eat bite tingled the senses, and by the 8th final bite, one would already feel satisfied.

Below are several of the other dishes I tried.

Sautéed scallops, apple endives.
Foie Gras ‘Sakuramochi’
Cod Saikyoyaki with mountain vegetables
Grilled USDA duck breast
Cooked through with a bit of pink

Lewin Terrace, you will be dearly missed.

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