Janggut Laksa is my 2nd best laksa in Singapore

Sep 04, 2019

Today I shall introduce one of my favourite Laksas in Singapore, Janggut Laksa.

Janggut Laksa was established from as early as the 1960s as Marine Parade Laksa, and is touted as the original founder of ‘Katong Laksa’ from which all other Katong Laksas descended from.

The daughter of the founder still runs the stall at Queensway Shopping Center, which is my preferred outlet to visit because of the whole O.G vibe and friendly mum-like service. Eating at the long tables give one a sense of communal spirit.

The medium laksa, $6 at Janggut Laksa, Queensway Shopping Center.

That said, Janggut Laksa is quite likely the ugliest bowl of Laksa in Singapore. It literally looks like a bowl of puke.

You should rest assured then, in knowing despite it’s looks, legions of people (myself included) flock there to eat it; It’s got to taste really good, and good it is.

The large laksa, $6 at Janggut Laksa, Queensway Shopping Center.

If you’ve heard of Katong Laksa, you should know that this style of laksa is eaten exclusively with a spoon, because the noodles have been cut up. The sell is that in doing so, you get to savor the lovely broth with every bite, as opposed to slurping noodles alone, and drinking or missing the soup separately. The soup at Janggut Laksa is not as thick and creamy as many others, perhaps so it’s more palatable with the spoon. It almost seems they had intentionally made the coconut milk curdle to produce the vomit-like appearance.


While you’re there, you should also get an Otah to pair with your laksa. The Otah here although not charred on the inside, is superbly fragrant.

The curry chicken is a thick, creamy version which I like, although I’d be hard pressed to order anything other than the laksa.

Laksa with Crayfish at Janggut Laksa, Paya Lebar.

The newest expansion at Paya Lebar road is a stand-alone restaurant along a row of shop houses. The environment is clean, but to me, a bit ‘soul-less’.

They do serve a unique Crayfish version of Janggut Laksa, which is very nice too, albeit a bit of up-sell.

There you have it. The 2nd best laksa in Singapore worth travelling to eat from any corner of Singapore. Hope you guys agree with my tastes and enjoy!

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