Kichi Kichi style Omu Rice now available in Singapore

May 25, 2019

Yes! Many of you have seen the viral videos of the happiest chef in the world cooking his masterful omu rice, if not, here it is.

Naturally, I was stoked when I learned that a restaurant specializing in Omu rice was going to open in Northpoint City!

I was really hoping that they would be doing the Kichi Kichi ‘flowing egg’ style of omu rice, because so far, I’ve not encountered it in any of the Omu rice restaurants in Singapore!

Thankfully, Omu does in fact serve the slice open molten lava egg style omu rice. However, it comes at an additional premium of $2. Whatever, take my money already.

I had the Hayashi, which my friend said tasted exactly like what she always ate in Japan.

Before we go into the taste, I have to say, the environment/decor of the restaurant was a little uninspired. Perhaps the owners were trying to save costs as they were testing the waters. The interior style reminded me of canteen style eateries.

My Lava version of Hayashi Sauce Omu rice ($12.8 + $2 ).

What a beauty.

The Hayashi Sauce Omu rice comes with a few slices of beef, which I gather were the usually frozen sukiyaki beef slices, some diced onions, and mushrooms.

The demi-glace sauce was full-bodied, salty and contained very little hints of artificial sweetening.

The rice itself was some kind of ketchup infused fried rice, nothing fantastic on its own.

The omelet, while perfectly formed, was runny within.

As I gently ran the knife down while making little cuts, the little egg bomb flopped open and out oozed the runny eggs within.

My cut was almost perfect, had I not made that impatient tug with the knife at the end.

It is however, together with the sauce and custardy eggs, which made each bite luxurious in the mouth, sliding smoothly down the throat.

Good on the people at Omu to provide proper sharp knives to slice open the omelette bombs with!

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. While I’ve not had the authentic one by Kichi Kichi in Japan, this was a very decent introduction to the dish in Singapore.

Check out Omu now at their 2 locations:

Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard, Unit #01-301A/301B
Singapore 038983
Telephone: 9834 0079

Northpoint City
Northpoint City #01-168/169 (Beside Guzman y Gomez)

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