Quick Review of Orchard CRC, an authentic Singaporean restaurant in Shanghai

Aug 31, 2013

I love Singapore food. The flavors and variety is just amazingly rich and diverse. Shanghai also happens to be the single city in China with the highest population of Singaporeans, hence it is no surprise that there are quite a number of Singapore-inspired influences in the food and restaurants here. Take for instance, the iconic Laksa noodle dish is actually in the menus of many restaurants I’ve been to. Sadly, very few of them come close to being authentic, even fewer come across as deliciously authentic.

Orchard CRC is a restaurant that features pretty much all of the Singaporean favourites, including Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Hokkien Noodles, and more.

The star of this post however, is the laksa. Unlike some places that server multiple variations of it, like chicken laksa, prawn laksa, fishcake laksa (wtf?), Orchard CRC does not give you a choice. You can only order THE authentic laksa, which is with prawns. The only thing that is missing at the cockles which I never took a liking to anyway.


Long story short, the Laksa at Orchard CRC is b e a utiful… The right balance of spice and richness, definitely not watered down. You get 2-3 fresh prawns, fishcake clices, dried tofu puffs, beansprouts and al dente rice noodles. It’s absolutely perfect for anyone craving an authentic Laksa in Shanghai.

If you go between 12-4pm, you get the lunch offer which is most of their mains with a drink for ¥40. Outside happy hour, the Laksa costs ¥45. Which is absurdly expensively by Singapore standards, but damn, this is worth it in Shanghai.

Total bill:
¥40 (12pm – 4pm, comes with a softdrink)
¥45 (Outside the above hours)


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