[Eating Now] 8 Art Hotel on The Bund

Oct 23, 2015

I recently heard of an artsy boutique hotel located on the bund, that costs about 500rmb per night. What?! The hotel also housed its own restaurant, named Foodie Restaurant; Naturally I had to check it out.

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Located on almost the center of the Bund, right beside the Goodfellas restaurant, 8 Art Hotel is a small boutique hotel consisting of only 10 rooms, but houses quite a sizable restaurant and massive outdoor spaces, including one where they organize an outdoor movie experience every week.

First and foremost, thanks to Estella for inviting to check the place out. As this piece is not exactly a restaurant review entirely, I will not grade it at all. However, I will, as usual, speak my mind.


Foodie Restaurant is on the lobby level, right at the end. It is about 120 sqm and houses a bar area as well as dining area. Decor is very rustic, unfortunately not in the good, intended way. Feels somewhat.. old.

I was treated to the lunch set that day, and there weren’t many options to choose from. I had the beef tenderloin with a tomato soup, whilst my wifey had the roast chicken with caesar salad.

The hotel has a strong emphasis on art, and one can see that as they walk past the various art pieces adorning the walls.

I had hoped the foodie restaurant would serve dishes that maybe conform to the theme more. Artsy food perhaps? At least rename the same old dishes to something more creative.


Tomato soup was rather sour, but at least it was creamy and wasn’t a watery mess. The croutons were actually dices of slightly toasted bread, not really croutons.


Caesar salad was really more of a garden salad. Very uninspiring. Same lightly toasted bread in place of croutons, no bacon, minimal dressing, shreds of parmesan. Not passable for a caesar.


Roast chicken was average, nothing stood out, but that also meant nothing bad stood out either.


The beef came pre-sliced. It was done nicely medium as requested, had a subtle sauce with fried shallots covering the dish. Not too bad actually. Beef was tender as expected of a tenderloin.

The dining area as I said, was quite large, and suitable for organizing group dinners.

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the rooms because they were fully booked that day.

That said, for 500rmb a night smack on the bund, I think this place does the trick very well. Now if only they had more rooms, I expect them to be fully booked every single evening at this point in time. Food-wise, they need to up their game abit, especially when you are situated beside a well known italian restaurant, and in the strip containing some of Shanghai’s best restaurants.

I will simply end this quickie with some photos of the place.

8 Art Hotel

No.7 Yan’an East Road, Shanghai(line 10 Yuyuan Garden gate NO.1)
Tel: 21 3331 0000



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