Review of New York Style Steak and Burger @ Tian zi fang, Shanghai

Oct 12, 2013

New York Style Steak & Burger have been around for several years now, and is often highly regarded as one of the best places for a good ol’ american burger.


From the same people behind New York Style pizza, New York Style Steak & Burger offers you a good selection of burgers and thick american portioned steaks. Nested deep within the maze of Tian Zi Fang, I went there on Saturday afternoon and was pleased to get a seat without waiting.

I was in the mood for a good hearty burger that day, hence I ordered the Brooklyn BBQ (55 RMB) while my partner ordered the Mushroom Swiss (55 RMB).

The interior of the restaurant was clean with a white bistro-like decor. A big window on the 1st floor allowed you to look into the kitchen while the cooks prepared your burger. One thing that put me off was that the cooks actually laid out the burger buns on the stove cooktop, not the cleanest place to place any food.

Our burgers came after about 15mins, and they were.. huge.


The Brooklyn BBQ consists of bacon, cheddar, deep fried onion rings bound together with the 1/2 pound medium rare patty with a smoky BBQ sauce.


The mushroom swiss is a classic, made commonly famous by Burger King; A nice medium  beef patty littered with sauted button mushroom slices, and bound together with swiss cheese.

I pondered at first on how to ‘attack’ the burger:

  1. Mash my face in
  2. Leave it on the plate, and use a knife and fork to dissect it apart like an english gentleman
  3. separate it in half and eat it open-faced style

In the end, I went for neither of the above 3 options, leaning closer to the 1st. I picked up the burger, flattened it as best as I could and took bites out of the edges/corners and slowly worked my way through. The strategy worked pretty well, and didn’t result in a big mess.

The fries deserved a mention; thick, crisp and fluffy.

Portions were humongous, and we simple couldn’t finish our fries.

I received no complaints from the lady’s mushroom swiss, other than it was too big.

Prices are reasonable, and actually on par with Carls Junior. I will definitely return whenever I am in the mood for a burger. I’d try their steaks but then I simply cannot forgive myself for ordering a steak which I am confident of cooking better at home.

Total bill for 2:
¥110 (without drinks)

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