Tai’an Table Re-opens in Shanghai with a Bang after Michelin Scandal

Dec 15, 2016

Tai’an Table officially re-opened in their new location last night, and held an amazing (re)opening party. Although it got crowded really quickly and got a little bit too crowded for comfort at times, it was likely the best restaurant opening party I had ever attended.

The new space looked amazing, although the actual location was quite a challenge to find. I described it as ‘travelling to the country-side in the middle of the city’.

The kitchen team were constantly cooking at the open kitchen, dishing out plate after plate of probably a few hundred canapés. These weren’t run of the mill party canapés too, but bits and pieces of the Michelin 1 star winning menu from Tai’an Table.

Needless to say, it was a fun and amazing evening, enjoy the photos from this pictorial.

Tai’an Table 2.0 is located at 161 Zhenning Lu Lane 465, Building 1, 101-102

Early prepping
Cured Salmon in Shiso Leaf
Iberico ham on Crostini (I think)
Eggplant, Dashi Jelly
Another beautiful shot of the beautiful shiso..I mean, salmon..
I’ll just have one drink
Chef Jeno having a moment
I wasn’t kidding when I said unlimited canapes
Octopus on big barley
Plates are going out fast
Chef Stefan Stiller beaming with pride
Foie Gras being seasoned
More octopii
Charred Cauliflower, best dish of the evening
Dressing the cod
The cod
More cod
Special cod with an olive
Roast tenderloin
So beautifully cooked
Tenderloin, mash and black truffle being plated
Two of these basically make a main
Saucing the beef
Almost ready to serve this batch…
Money shot
Money shot #2

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