The Full List of Restaurants for the 2019 Shanghai Michelin Guide

Sep 20, 2018

The long anticipated list of awarded restaurants for the 2019 Shanghai Michelin Guide are here!

I didn’t report on last year’s 2018 edition because it was mostly the same old shit.

2019 see some improvements, as T’ang Court have been downgraded with Paul Pairet’s Ultraviolet becoming the only restaurant in Shanghai with 3 michelin stars.

Amused to see Canton 8 still on the list at all, whilst the Bib Gourmand list retains pretty much of the same old.

Three Stars

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Fred’s Note: Probably the only restaurant in Shanghai to deserve 3 stars. 

Two Stars

  1. 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana
  2. Canton 8 (喜悦八号)
    Fred’s Note: Still don’t understand why this restaurant is on the list at all, except that last I heard, owner was friends with the Michelin people.
  3. Imperial Treasure 御宝轩
  4. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
  5. T’ang Court
  6. Xin Rong Ji (Nanyang Rd) 新荣记(南阳路)
  7. Yi Long Court 逸龙阁
  8. Yong Foo Elite 雍福会

One Star

  1. Amazing Chinese Cuisine  菁禧荟
  2. Bo Shanghai
  3. Da Dong (Jing’an) 大董(静安)
  4. Da Dong (Xuhui) 大董(徐汇)
    Fred’s notes: been to the one in Beijing. Good experience. Heard of lacklustre experiences for the ones in Shanghai.
  5. Fu He Hui 福和慧
  6. Il Ristorante – Niko Romito
  7. Jade Mansion 苏浙总会
  8. Jean Georges
  9. Ji Pin Court 吉品轩
  10. Lao Zheng Xing (Huangpu) 老正兴
  11. Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire
  12. Le Patio & La Famille (Huangpu) 南麓浙里(黄埔)
  13. Lei Garden (Pudong) 利苑(浦东)
  14. Lei Garden (Xuhui) 利苑 (徐汇)
    Fred’s notes: Nice dim sum and certain dishes. 
  15. Madam Goose (Minhang) 鹅夫人(闵行)
  16. Moose 鹿园
  17. Phénix Eatery & Bar
  18. Seventh Son (Jing’an) 家全七福
  19. Shang-High Cuisine 迷伤害
  20. Sir Elly’s
  21. Tai’an Table
    Fred’s Note: well deserved.
  22. Wujie (Huangpu) 大蔬无界 (黄埔)
  23. Xin Rong Ji (Huangpu) 新荣记 (黄埔)
  24. Yong Fu 甬府
  25. Yong Yi Ting 雍颐庭

Bib Gourmand

  1. A Niang Noodle House 阿娘面馆
    Fred’s Note: Shithole, passable noodles infused with lots of nostalgia sauce for the late Ah Niang’s followers.
  2. Alma
  3. Crystal Jade (Xin Tian Di) 翡翠酒家 (新天地)
    Fred’s Note: Shame that the Shanghai outlets don’t share the same service standards as their Singapore outlet. That said, I ate here all the time for dim sum.
  4. Da Hu Chun (Sichuan Zhong Rd) 大壶春(四川中路)
  5. Din Tai Fung (Shanghai Centre) 鼎泰丰(上海商城)
  6. Four Seasons (Crystal Galleria) 文兴酒家(晶品)
  7. Godly (Nanjing Xi Rd) 功德林(南京西路)
  8. Hai Jin Zi (Jinxian Rd) 海金滋(进贤路)
  9. Hao Sheng 豪生酒家
  10. Jesse 吉士
    Fred’s notes: not sure if this is old or new Jesse. Old Jesse is great and deserves better acclaim.
  11. King Kong Dumpling & Noodles (Mengzi Rd) 金刚馄炖还有面(蒙自路)
    Fred’s notes: Used to eat this every other day. Good stuff.
  12. Lan Ting Restaurant 兰亭小馆
    Fred’s notes: It’s a novel place to eat for the old school Shanghai experience and taste, but food is really just passable. A Lan Xin fan will tell you that Lan Ting is rubbish.
  13. Lan Xin Restaurant 蓝心小馆
    Fred’s Note: Same as above but a Lan Ting fan will tell you that Lan Xin is rubbish.
  14. Le Patio & La Famille (Julu Road) 南麓浙里(巨鹿路)
  15. Lu Bo Lang (Yuyuan Road) 绿波廊(豫园路)
  16. Mao Long 茂隆
  17. Mi Thai
  18. Restaurant Jardin de Jade (Nanjing Xi Road) 苏浙汇(南京西路)
  19. Rong Cuisine 荣小馆
  20. Shum Sam Wei 蜀三味
  21. Tandoor
  22. Wujie (Shanghai World Financial Center) 大蔬无界(环球金融中心)
  23. Wujie (Xujiahui) 大蔬无界 (徐家汇)
    Fred’s notes: really novel and delicious vegetarian stuff with a view of the park.
  24. Ye Olde Station 上海老站(徐家汇)
  25. Yangzhou Restaurant (Huangpu) 扬州饭店(黄埔)
  26. Zheng Dou Tasty Congee & Noodle Shop (IFC Mall) 正斗粥面专家(国金中心)
    Fred’s notes: Had the one at iAPM. It’s disgusting.

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