My Top 10 Restaurants of Shanghai in 2016

Dec 31, 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Although 2016 has been quite a sad year for many businesses in Shanghai, many restaurants had to close and even entire streets shut down. Luckily, I still managed to get some great experiences at restaurants in Shanghai in 2016.

Here are my top picks for 2016 in Shanghai, and let us hope there will be more in 2017.

#10 East Eatery

Miso Cod from East Eatery

East Eatery, operated by Yoshi, and co-owned by her husband, Chef Stefan Stiller left a strong impression on me in taste and creativity of their dishes. The cuisine, a mixture of top notch asian ingredients fused with western techniques was delightfully executed and has left me yearning for a return visit. Read my review of East Eatery.

#9 The Nest

A google of this dish’s name revealed in a whole … 2 results.

Although I haven’t been to The Nest for their dinner menu, their brunch offerings left me in such awe that I had to put them in my top 10 list. A beautifully designed restaurant paired with lovely cocktails and a good variety of styles and flavours of food. My review of The Nest


Vegetarian tenderloin steak at another previously un-reviewed dinner

Da Shu Wu Jie (WUJIE) is another restaurant that had always been on my mind. They are a pure vegetarian restaurant who take strong pride in their ingredients and cooking techniques, achieving some incredibly meaty and umami-laden flavours using purely vegetarian ingredients, and presented like a high-end fine dining restaurant. Check out my early review of WUJIE.

#7 Epices & Foie Gras

Foie Gras Platter

New on my list of restaurant, but the owners of Epices & Foie Gras have marvelled me in their french food with a teensy bit of asian influence. Their various types of Foie Gras were simply one of the best I have tasted anywhere in the world, not to mention that amazing Salmon dish. Read what I’m talking about at my review of Epices & Foie Gras.

#6 Ryu

Wagyu Beef Slices

Although I practically know no one, nor much about Ryu Cuisine de Japon on the Bund, their quality and variety of offerings really blew me away for their Restaurant Week deals and then some. I’m always looking forward to the next Shanghai Restaurant Week so I can try out their new seasonal set, which is almost like an Omakase of 10 courses. Now I simply cannot afford any of the 1000+rmb per head omakase restaurants in Shanghai, so Ryu was pretty much as good as it got for me. See the cotton-candy sukiyaki on the review of Ryu Cuisine de Japon.

#5 Capo

Steak Florentine at one of my recent un-reviewed dinners

I had written about Capo quite a lot in the past, but only  been back two or three times this year. Thankfully, in every occasion, I was happy to find that the food and service still remained consistent in the absence of chef patron Enzo Carbone. Word has it that Enzo will be returning to Capo in 2017. Check out my various reviews of Capo over the years.

#4 Coquille

Best wellington in Shanghai.

Many people I know have a love-hate relationship with Coquille. I for one, truly enjoyed the quality and seasonal offerings at Coquille, along with the welcoming service and atmosphere. However, with the opening of John’s new restaurant Highline, I hope the standards will continue to be maintained at Coquille and not be diluted. Check out my reviews of Coquille.

#3 Mr & Mrs Bund

Biggest single rib, ever.

Possibly one of the flagship restaurants of Shanghai, if there is such a thing. I’ve eaten at Mr & Mrs Bund many times, though many of which were for their supper deal. Thursdays to Saturdays, they offer a super discounted set menu after 11pm, where one gets 2-3 courses for a fraction of their usual ala carte price. I always bring my night-owl friends from out of town to Mr & Mrs Bund to have the most extravagant supper of their lives. BEST Brunch Review of Mr & Mrs Bund!

#2 Daimon Bistro

Chicken and waffles like you have never seen before.

I was so blown away by the concept and food of Daimon Bistro that they are practically showing up in every recommendation I give. Think amazingly thought out and executed modern dim sum and tapas, washed down with equally creatively concocted cocktails, all served at a very decent price. The previously rather expensive cocktails have since had their prices lowered upon much feedback. The epic Daimon Bistro Review and Video

Hello Miss Dong

How can I do a Top 10 without mentioning my own restaurant, Hello Miss Dong?! I practically eat (voluntarily) multiple times a week for the past 2 years at this cozy little restaurant at the now, nightlife-graveyard Yong Kang Lu. I am going to miss being easily accessible to all my favourite dishes when we close in March 2017. Yeah I’m a food blogger with his own award winning restaurant.

Ok I’m kidding, my restaurant is not my #1 top restaurant of Shanghai 2016…  it is…

#1 The Commune Social

Best, dessert, of all time

I’ve eaten here so many times over the past 3 years, and brought many people from all over the world visiting Shanghai. Not once have any of my most picky guests nor I been disappointed by the offerings at The Commune Social. Chef Scott and wife Kim Melvin continue to pump out seasonal offerings worthy of being signature dishes alongside their classic ones. If you haven’t yet been to The Commune Social in 2016, do yourself a favour and eat there in 2017. Check out my reviews of The Commune Social.

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