Truffle Brunch at Highline

May 27, 2019

I messed up. I had meant to post this 5 months ago after my visit back to Shanghai in December 2018. Somehow time flew by so quickly, and it’s already May 2019!

The brunch menu at Highline might have already changed, but let’s hope some dishes are still available. In any case, it’s not uncommon for the old dishes to make a come back!

So I met up with the Shanghai Bite Club crew, with a couple of my visiting Singaporean friends, and Anna, head chef at Highline really blew us away with the myriad of dishes we ordered.

Note: we paid for everything except the complimentary desserts.

Read my previous lunch and brunch reviews of Highline for the decor and service. I’m just going to share briefly what we ate that morning.

Shrimp and Crab Roll. ¥128

A little pricey, but so delicious. Chunks of buttered garlic shrimp that were succulent to the bite while lots of crab flesh filled the interior of the toasted bread roll. I still think about this sandwich, because it was simply magnificent.

Mushroom and Spinach Crepe. ¥128

This one didn’t resonate that much with me, a little bland, but I guess for the healthy eating peeps.

Arctic shrimp devilled eggs. ¥128

I’ve had this before, and I still love how the soft and cold briney shrimp taste in contrast with the creamy mashed up egg yolks and bursts of caviar in the mouth.

Truffled fries. ¥88

The truffled fries came highly recommended by Rachel Gouk, and rightfully so. Housemade crispy fries that had a lovely crust while airy within, fragranced with truffle oil and showered with flakes of fresh black truffle. So decadent, and so want to repeat.

Truffled Caesar salad. ¥118

Forgot who was it who ordered this, but again, not for me. I remembered it tasted exactly like how it looked. I probably wasn’t in the mood for a salad that morning.

Truffle Omelete. ¥128

See the theme here? Again, a monsoon of truffles rained down upon the cheese-filled-and-covered omelette. The omelette was a little bit too cheesy and rich for me, adding truffles to the mix went quite over the top.

Beef short rib Benedict. ¥138

Very tender short ribs with a balanced ratio of fat vs lean meat. Rich and complex tasting gravy like a boeuf bourguignon. The poached egg and Hollandaise sauce were competently done, as expected.

Blueberry Pancakes

Beautiful stack with lots of blueberries and mangoes and peanut butter crumble.

French toast with caramelised bananas.

Not my favourite rendition of French Toast, but then again, Mr & Mrs Bund has already ruined that for me, forever. These were deep-fried with a corn-meal-like panko crust.

That wraps up this little brunch at Highline! Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, and certainly hope you visit Highline and get to try at least some of the dishes I loved.

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