[TSK Eats Maui] Hidden Gem on the Road to Hana: My Thai, Thai Cuisine by Chef Jen

Mar 13, 2016

Along the road to Hana, somewhere close to before reaching Hana is a small market place with about 5 dining stalls. Aside from the usual offerings of fish tacos and fish n’ chips, was a delightful hidden gem: My Thai, Thai cuisine by chef Jen.

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Thai cuisine on the road to Hana! That’s like finding a Haagen Daz in the middle of the Sahara!

Needless to say, our little party went for it. We had the shrimp pad thai and the shrimp fried rice.


6 large bouncy shrimps with alot of flat rice noodles, carrots and cabbage. Humongous portions.


Also 6 shrimp. Also humongous portions.

Taste-wise, we went for medium spicy, which was very mild. I’ve chosen Thai spicy at other thai joints in Hawaii before, and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.


The dishes were competantly fried. Chef Jen accomplishes her one woman show with 2 wok burners. However, the burners don’t use the super strong flames that is normally used with south-east asian cuisine, so the breath of wok flavour is lacking. All that said, it was a refreshing change in flavours.

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