[TSK Eats Maui] Review of Ami Ami Bar & Grill, a very nice restaurant on Kihei, south-western Maui

Mar 23, 2016

Last dinner on Maui was had a couple blocks away from our residence at Maui Vista, Ami Ami Bar & Grill. I was initially apprehensive because it was a ‘hotel restaurant’, but after looking as some favourable reports and feeling the need for something ‘proper’ in the area, I decided to give it a try.

interior-of-ami-amis-maui best-caipirinha-ami-amis

Caipririnha was spot on, best caipirinha I had tasted so far. I’ve seldom encountered a drink this delicious.

Crab Cakes

Some seriously amazing crab cakes
Some seriously amazing crab cakes

For starters, we tried the crab cakes. 2 large crab patties, breaded and fried to a crisp.

A good crab cake is filled with ... crab meat!
A good crab cake is filled with … crab meat!

Cutting it apart revealed a very wholesome filler-less crab meat filling. Tasted lovely and the flavour of the crab meat really shone through. Paired with the mango sauce helped brighten and balance out the richness. Good stuff.

Prawn Pasta

Creamy prawn pasta
Creamy prawn pasta

The missus had the parpadelle with prawns. Sadly, we were expecting a tomato cream sauce, but it was instead a cream sauce with some tomatoes. Sauce was not light as told, but instead very rich and creamy. Prawns were beautifully cooked with alot of garlic flavours.

Steak Frites

Ginormous steak frites at Ami Ami's
Ginormous steak frites at Ami Am Bar & Grill

I had the steak frites. Humongous rib-eye served ontop of a mountain of truffled fries. The meat had a lovely smokey charred flavour, and was done perfectly medium as instructed. Fries were de rigeur, but truffled fries is not something common on the streets of Maui, so Ami ami’s definitely deserve some credit for featuring it here. I didn’t like the generic bbq sauce served with the steak though. A loco moco-style gravy would have been much tastier, slathered over the steak and frites.

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